UIL officially moves state basketball tournaments to San Antonio

Ponder celebrated its 2014 Class 2A boys basketball state title at Austin's Frank Erwin Center. The University Interscholastic League announced on Tuesday that the location of the boys and girls state tourneys was moving from Austin to San Antonio.

The University Interscholastic League finalized plans on Tuesday afternoon to move the 2015 girls and boys state basketball tournaments to San Antonio’s Alamodome.

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Why the UIL should be watching the state lieutenant governor’s race

State Senator Dan Patrick (R) joins David Dewhurst in the May 27th run-off for the state's lieutenant governor position. Patrick has previously authored bills regarding private and parochial schools joining the University Interscholastic League.

Most people around the state shuffled to their nearest polling station and cast their votes in Tuesday’s primaries.

Maybe you weren’t one of those people, but you enjoy high school athletics. Well, it’s time to start paying attention.

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What to expect: Argyle vs. Waco La Vega

Argyle hopes to celebrate on Saturday when it faces Waco La Vega for the Class 3A girls basketball state title.

It won’t get much better than it’s going to get on Saturday.

No. 1 vs. No. 2. Waco La Vega vs. Argyle. Flying mascot vs. eye-patched mascot.

Grab an overpriced hot dog and find your seat inside the Frank Erwin Center, because it should be a pretty good game.

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The 2013 Class 3A “Playoffs”

This year in Class 3A, 70.3 percent of football teams will make the playoffs.

While everybody is ready for their favorite high school teams to play the first game of the season in a little over a month, we all know the real fun begins when the playoffs roll around.

And this year, the University Interscholastic League added a fourth playoff berth from each district in Class 3A and 2A.

With the addition of that fourth team, 32 more teams will reach the playoffs in 2013. This means 70.3 percent of 3A teams will reach the postseason.

Making the playoffs is simply a sign that you’re not absolutely terrible (unless you’re one of the four teams in District 11-3A, which in that case you still might be terrible).

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