Weekend recap: One rivalry resumes, another begins (for wrong reason)

Denton Guyer High School running back Myron Mason (2) breaks off a big run during the second half as Plano Senior High School hosted Denton Guyer High School at John Clark Field in Plano on Friday night, September 23, 2016.  (Stewart F. House/Special Contributor)

Denton Guyer High School running back Myron Mason (2) breaks off a big run during the second half as Plano Senior High School hosted Denton Guyer High School at John Clark Field in Plano on Friday night, September 23, 2016. (Stewart F. House/Special Contributor)

Ryan and Denton resumed their rivalry after a four-year hiatus on Friday. This time, Ryan was good (as usual) and Denton was good too (not the case the last time the teams played), but Ryan showed they are still above and beyond what anyone else in District 5-5A is.

Meanwihle, Guyer had a big win over Plano that wasn’t too aesthetically pleasing and was soured by a dirty, dirty play in the game that is sure to create some bad blood when the teams meet next year at C.H. Collins.

My buddy Steve and I take a look back on the area football weekend with our weekly recap, coming now…

Guyer at Plano

AB: People are looking at this score and understandably a little surprised it was as close as it was. But if you read my story, I tried to convey as best I could that the game wasn’t that close. Plano scored all three of its touchdowns in the following ways: A fake punt (legit play, but inherently fluky), a drive extended by a Guyer offside penalty and then a bad punt snap for Guyer that gave Plano the ball on Guyer’s 16-yard line. Other than those three scores, Plano was shut out other than a 49-yard field goal. Guyer’s defense was impressive, allowing just 12 first downs, and the running game was its usual self.

SG: Guyer rolled up 353 rushing yards against a really good Plano team to win its district opener, but what everyone is talking about – and for good reason – is that cheap shot on Guyer tight end Brian Polendey. On the play, Polendey took a gruesome shot to the knee and wasn’t even anywhere near the ball. Plano coaches have since apologized, but there is no place for anything like that at any level of sports. Where this story goes from here is unknown, but for now, we’re glad to see Polendey is OK. As for Guyer, the Wildcats got the win in what is expected to be a tough race for the playoffs.

Denton at Ryan

AB: This game went about like I think most everyone saw it going. Ryan came out, established their superiority over not only Denton, not only District 5-5A, but pretty much the entire state at the 5A level. So, it’s a slap to Denton’s pride and confidence, most likely, but the Broncos need to use the loss to make them better and Kevin Atkinson seems to have them rolling in a good direction, so I think they will. As far as Ryan goes, the Raiders clearly have a championship defense and with Tyreke Davis toting the rock now, it’s clear Dave Henigan is getting his ducks in a row for a deep December run. Now, the rest of district … You have to wonder how many quarters of action those starters will get because those games are going to be UGLY.

SG: Denton is a good football team, and seeing the Broncos ranked so high in the AP’s state poll (sixth last week) was a sign of how far this program has come. But they laid an egg against a Ryan team that is clearly the class of District 5-5A – and possibly the state. The good news is the competition level goes way down from here for both teams. Ryan should remain perfect and the Broncos will likely finish 9-1 overall. But how much they learned from this loss to Ryan will determine how far they go in the playoffs. As for the Raiders? Well, it’s still clear they are three or four steps ahead of everyone.

Paris at Argyle

AB: As suspected, Dane Ledford’s injury has really done absolutely nothing to stop the Argyle machine. I’d have been interested to see how that game against Abilene Wylie would’ve played out, but Mother Nature had other plans. It’s clear the Eagles have just loaded up for another run at a state title and the fact they haven’t been at all derailed from losing their Division I quarterback is awfully encouraging.

SG: Argyle won. Surprise. Well, not really. The truth is the Eagles are just really talented in every facet of the game and coach Todd Rodgers has a chance to take this crew back to a title game. There’s a lot of football left to be played, but Argyle appears to be in a good spot. As for Friday’s game, quarterback Hayden Clearman had another great night and still appears to be the right guy for the job while Dane Ledford completes his recovery from a wrist injury.

Lake Dallas at Carrollton Newman Smith

AB: Lake Dallas just can’t catch a break when it comes to its quarterbacks. Last year, of course, it was Dagan Haehn tearing his ACL in spring ball and losing his running ability thanks to another knee injury in the Falcons’ state semifinal overtime loss. Now, Spencer Frederickson is on the shelf and was reported to be on crutches in the second half of this game. Luckily, Lake Dallas didn’t need him in this one, but it’ll be interesting to see how youngster Ryan Depperschmidt responds to his opportunity for however long Frederickson is out.

SG: Lake Dallas won Thursday’s game pretty handily, but from the looks of it, the Falcons will rely on a backup at quarterback for a while as Spencer Frederickson injured his leg. That’s all we know right now, but it was Frederickson who started the first half of last season in place of Dagan Haehn. And now Frederickson is hurt. That leaves Ryan Depperschmidt, who head coach Michael Young spoke highly of before the season started.

Carrollton Ranchview at Krum

AB: I saw Krum last week in its demolition of Lake Worth and came away impressed with the caveat that the Bobcats were playing Lake Worth. Carrollton Ranchview entered Friday’s game against Krum with an unbeaten record. And, well, the Wolves aren’t unbeaten anymore. Krum is hitting on all cylinders behind new quarterback Brandon Reeves, and coupled with bruising running back Haeden Knight and the Bobcats’ suffocating defense, they’re going to be a handful for anyone who has to tangle with them in 4A Division II.

SG: Krum continues to roll, and Friday’s game had Brandon Reeves written all over it. Reeves accounted for five touchdowns and 377 total yards in a 41-16 win over Carrollton Ranchview. At this point, it’s safe to say Krum is going to be a very hard team to beat going forward. They’ve got too many playmakers on offense and the defense continues to force turnovers – the Bobcats forced two Friday and held Ranchview to 62 rushing yards. That’s a recipe for success.










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