Ian Sadler’s name all over updated Argyle record books (GIF)

Now we already knew this, but it’s worth mentioning again: Ian Sadler is one bad dude (“bad” means “good,” here).

Anyways. Why am I mentioning something you already know again?

Well I took a visit to the Argyle field house today and visited with head coach Todd Rodgers for our DRC Football 2014 section and took a look at the updated Argyle record book.

And Sadler’s name was all over it.

Some of the career records Sadler held were receiving yards (3,003), return yards (2,125), receiving touchdowns (36) and points scored (532).

Pardon me if I’m missing other Sadler records. It’s really hard to keep track of all of them.

But it’s time to stop talking about what he did at Argyle and focus on what he does at Texas Tech, where Sadler will enter his freshman year and should see playing time.

Enjoy the GIF. 


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