Debate: Southeast Texas, Denton area battle for football bragging rights

Last week, my friend down at the Beaumont Enterprise, Avi Zaleon, thought it’d be fun to discuss which coverage area had the better football teams, his or mine.

I was all for that. Our local coverage area won two 2013 state titles in the same day. So there’s no way I’m losing that debate.

So we had a spirited debate about who was covering the better football (Spoiler alert: Me).

Here’s a snippet:

Ben: The hot team right now is Denton Guyer. The Wildcats are moving up to Class 6A after two back-to-back 4A titles (I’m getting used to all these new class names, too). And you can’t forget about Argyle. I mean, all the Eagles did was win the 3A Division II title last year.

What kind of credentials does the Third Coast bring to the table, Avi?

Avi:  Well, I guess we’re done exchanging pleasantries and the gloves are off.

I see you over there flashing your fancy postseason appearances and state titles and that’s all well and good if you judge the quality of real Texas football by wins and losses, but Southeast Texas offers an experience only found in this part of the world.

You can check out our conversation over here.

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