Argyle receives state championship football rings

Argyle's football team received its championship rings to commemorate the team's Class 3A Division II football championship victory over Fairfield.

A lot of ring fingers got a little heavier today in Argyle.
The Argyle football team received their championship rings for winning the Class 3A Division II football title, the school’s first football state championship.

Here’s the layout of the rings.


Last I checked, no replica rings were offered to the general public.

According to Brian Cheek over at Balfour, the rings were solid at $379 apiece.
Here’s what it looks like on the finger of Argyle assistant football coach and head baseball coach Ricky Griffin.

The sides of the rings commemorate Argyle’s perfect season, along with one of today’s most overused phrases. It’s the same phrase Argyle head coach Todd Rodgers tweeted before his team defeated Fairfield to win the state title.



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