Update on Guyer-Birdville (and Ryan-Cedar Hill, sorta)

OK, just got off the phone with Denton ISD athletic director Ken Purcell.

Turns out, the outgoing AD, who’s set to retire at the end of the year isn’t going out with an easy cakewalk. He said he’s had to put his cell phone on the charger about once every hour to accommodate all the phone calls he’s received since Winter Storm #Cleon hit and threw a huge monkey wrench into the area high school football playoff schedules.

So, here’s what we know …

As my colleague Ben Baby reported earlier today, Ryan and Cedar Hill are set for 3 p.m. Monday at Apogee Stadium, UNT’s beautiful new stadium. That was pushed back from a Saturday afternoon game at Apogee.

Guyer’s had the bigger roller coaster. Originally, Guyer and Birdville were set to play their regional final game at 2 p.m. Saturday at Northwest ISD Stadium. Then, the game got pushed back to 5 p.m. Then, the game got moved to Monday at 5 p.m. at Northwest ISD Stadium. Then, the Northwest ISD folks deemed the field unplayable.

Then, Guyer and Birdville were going to flip on Saturday to play at either Apogee or Waxahachie. Then, Aledo and Wichita Falls snatched up that stadium, leaving Apogee as the choice.

Here’s where things get wishy-washy.

Guyer and Birdville are currently scheduled for a 7:30 p.m. kickoff Monday night at Apogee, after Ryan and Cedar Hill play at 3 p.m.

Purcell said that if, the keyword being IF, the games are played on Monday, they will be played at Apogee Stadium. He also credited UNT’s staff for “busting their butts” trying to get the field ready to play by using their front-loader to clear ice. It’s still a question mark, though.

The one wild card is if Cedar Hill decides they can’t make it on Monday afternoon because of trouble with getting buses on the roads. If that happens, Ryan and Cedar Hill would have move their game to Tuesday and Guyer and Birdville would most likely move up to take the 3 p.m. time slot.

“It’s really kind of up in the air,” Purcell said of the whole situation. “My goal is by midnight tomorrow [Monday] we have these two playoff games in.”

Purcell also didn’t rule out the possible Sunday game next week. The UIL has a four-day rule of days between games. And if a team had to play on Tuesday, four days off would have them playing on Sunday. The UIL doesn’t typically let their teams play on Sundays, but they’d have to make an exception in this case, or make the exception for the days off between games, which is a safety issue.

Purcell said years ago, either Ryan or Guyer played a Sunday game against Aledo in the high school softball playoffs, so it’s not unprecedented.

So stay tuned, folks. Denton County got hit worse than anywhere else in the Metroplex by #Cleon, so anything is pretty much possible. Let’s hope these games get played on Monday though.