The Leftovers: What’s not in Thursday’s story on Joey Florence

Ryan head coach Joey Florence is approaching his 200th career victory. He needs one more win to join the exclusive club.

Friday night marks the beginning of District 5-5A play for the Ryan Raiders and potentially another milestone moment in the career of Ryan head coach Joey Florence. In Thursday’s paper, there will be a story on Florence — the man, the coach, the lover of Dr Pepper and Snickers. If Ryan defeats Flower Mound Marcus on Friday, Florence will earn his 200th career victory as a head coach.

And when I say “story,” I mean a mini-novel on almost everything you could possibly want to know about Florence (or at least everything he’ll want to tell me on the record).

Unfortunately — and I know Florence will be depressed about this — I couldn’t squeeze in everything I wanted to about Joey Florence.

So, here’s what you will not find in tomorrow’s story on the Ryan head coach and a couple things that will be discussed.

Things absent from Thursday’s paper: 

– Florence played safety at Rockwall and would have quit, but then his father, Mickey, said his stuff would be on the porch when he got home from school.

– Florence is 5-10 and wears an XL. He can usually be spotted in jeans or athletic shorts and he doesn’t like to dress up.

– The 47-year old has a Pinterest account because he and his wife, DeeDee, are planning on renovating a bathroom in their house (that’s what he says).

– North Mesquite High School is built on the top of an area where many of Florence’s relatives are buried.

– Florence loathes high school recruiting websites like, and believes money has ruined college football.

– There will be no reference to what happened after last year’s playoff win against Hurst Bell:  “Florence then unbuckles his belt, drops his khakis to the floor and throws his palms outwards at his sides as the whole locker room erupts.”

– Florence is very superstitious. He lets Denton ISD athletic director Ken Purcell call any coin flips.

– Oakmont Country Club is Florence’s favorite golf course. His career-low round is 79 (Lake Park, this summer)

– Favorite Bible verse: James 4:10

– Florence has one older brother, two younger sisters

– “I love the band. It’s a corny saying, but without the band, it’s just a game. I still go to high school football games, and they’re still playing ‘The Horse.’ I just love that. That’s what I grew up listening to. When I hear that, I know I’m at a high school football game in Texas.”

– Finally, there’s this gem from Florence: “I’ve got a smoking hot wife. I’ve got two healthy kids, and I get to coach football for a living. How’s that? Now there’s a quote for your story.”

Things you will find in tomorrow’s story:

– On two separate occasions, Florence was not the Ryan head coach for a few days. He accepted jobs at two different schools before he changed his mind.

– Florence, and his father, Mickey, were extremely close, and Mickey’s had ties with many of Florence’s bosses, like Purcell and former head coaching legend James Cameron

– How Florence helped turned a coaching job in Denton ISD from something nobody wanted to a very enviable position.

So, drop by a newsstand or a gas station and pick up a copy of the paper, which will have photos of Florence through the years. We’ll also have the story on our website.

Once you realize the story was awful and you want your time and 50 cents back, email me at or find me on Twitter @Ben_Baby.








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