The 2013 Class 3A “Playoffs”

This year in Class 3A, 70.3 percent of football teams will make the playoffs.

While everybody is ready for their favorite high school teams to play the first game of the season in a little over a month, we all know the real fun begins when the playoffs roll around.

And this year, the University Interscholastic League added a fourth playoff berth from each district in Class 3A and 2A.

With the addition of that fourth team, 32 more teams will reach the playoffs in 2013. This means 70.3 percent of 3A teams will reach the postseason.

Making the playoffs is simply a sign that you’re not absolutely terrible (unless you’re one of the four teams in District 11-3A, which in that case you still might be terrible).

There are a total of 182 teams in Class 3A. Last year, 32 teams played in the 3A Division I playoffs. Those schools were the ones with the highest enrollment in their respective districts. The other two playoff-eligible teams reached the 64-team tournament in the Division II bracket.

This year, 64 teams will be in each bracket. If 70 percent of teams are making the playoffs, that means in a theoretical 10-team district, only three teams miss a chance of playing past the regular season.

The teams in Region II have the best chance to make the playoffs at 74.4 percent. In fact, since Prime Prep Academy’s withdrawal from the UIL, all the District 11-3A teams will make the playoffs. In theory, one of those teams (Dallas Wilmer-Hutchins, Dallas Roosevelt, Ferris, Dallas Madison) could lose all of its district games and still make the playoffs. Yikes.

The district with the lowest odds of reaching the playoffs is Houston’s District 23-3A, where only four of the district’s eight teams won’t make the playoffs.

Let’s break it down by region.

Chance of reaching the playoffs

Region I: 71.1 percent
Region II: 74.4 percent
Region III: 66.7 percent
Region IV: 69.6 percent

Here’s  a graphic illustrating those same numbers, with all the percentages rounded to the nearest whole number. You’ll want to click on the graphic so you can actually see it.

So the playoffs are turning into something of a participation deal, so it’s not going to mean much if your favorite team brags about making it past the regular season. If your favorite team is still playing after the Thanksgiving break, brag away.

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