How to get Lokeystrong

Here are the Lokeystrong bracelets mention in Sunday's story about Ryan assistant football coach Eric Lokey's second bout with kidney cancer.

After people read Sunday’s story in the paper and online on Ryan assistant football coach Eric Lokey and his second bout with cancer, my phone rang about how people can get one of these Lokeystrong bracelets pictured above.

So, I called Debi Lokey, Eric’s wife and the supplier of the orange wrist accessories, and got some answers. Here’s how to become Lokeystrong.

Step 1: Go buy some stamps and some envelopes.

Step 2: Send an self-addressed envelope with TWO stamps (not one, just in case one isn’t enough) to 6700 Blackjack Oaks Road, Aubrey, TX, 76227.

Step 3: Wait in the mail for your orange bracelet.

Step 4: Get the bracelet, put it on your arm and flaunt it proudly across your local town and on social media.

Here’s an example of former Ryan baseball player and current Chicago White Sox prospect Zach Voight showing his support of Lokey.


#NooneFightsAlone spreading the word out here in AZ and anywhere else this season takes me. #LokeyStrong by @zvoight11

There you have it. The response the story has received since Sunday has been incredible, and I attribute it 100 percent to how much Lokey is respected by those around the state. The story landed on the front page of the Stephen. F. Austin athletics website, and it’s been well-received across social-media platforms as well.

Also, if you’re taking pictures on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook or your social medium of choice, use the hashtag #Lokeystrong so everybody can see your scrawny wrists and lovely wristbands.

I have a feeling everybody will be pulling for Lokey to beat kidney cancer for a second time. If you want to see what he did immediately after the surgery required to win the first bout, well, just look below.


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