Former Guyer strength coach not forgotten by Stewart

Former Guyer and current UT strength and conditioning coach Bryan Kegans (left), shown here in a 2005 file photo during his playing days at Texas Tech, blocks former Oklahoma and Lake Dallas standout Dusty Dvoracek. Kegans recently moved on from Guyer to accept an assistant strength and conditioning job at Texas.

We’ve known around these parts for quite some time that Guyer’s strength and conditioning program was on and poppin’, as the kids like to say.

Whether it’s Jerrod Heard, and J.W. Walsh before him — quarterbacks power-cleaning more than 300 pounds — or heck, even Heard’s backup, David Haynes, or whether it’s former tackle Patrick Morris’ gargantuan feats in the weight room before earning a full ride to TCU, the weight room at Guyer has been a competitive place for quite some time.

And depending on who you ask, the strength of the program, in the trenches especially, has been a key part of its success over the last five seasons.

A lot of that success has had to do with former strength and conditioning coach Bryan Kegans, a rarity at the high-school level for being solely in charge of strength and conditioning and not a position on the football staff. He started his stint at Guyer as an offensive line coach as well as strength and conditioning but over his final couple of seasons moved strictly to strength and conditioning.

Well, Kegans isn’t at the high-school level anymore as we now know. The former Texas Tech offensive lineman accepted a job a couple of weeks ago as the assistant strength and conditioning coach for UT’s football program.

One of his former pupils turned new rival in the Big 12 sure hasn’t forgotten what he learned from Kegans, as Oklahoma State wide receiver and former Guyer standout Josh Stewart shared Kegans’ influence with members of the national media on Monday afternoon during Big 12 Media Days at the Omni Hotel in Dallas.

“There’s guys here [at Oklahoma State] that say they didn’t lift at all in high school and just are here because of their pure talent,” Stewart said when asked about off-season conditioning. “Us [former Guyer players — Stewart, J.W. Walsh, Jimmy Bean and Dominic Ramacher], Kegans was our strength coach, and him being the leader of our weight room in high school was such a one-up for us.

“We were just ahead of everyone. It was a good feeling for us. It really helped us. When I got to OSU, the strength coaches were using me, J.W. and Jimmy to teach the freshmen that came in with us, and that’s always a good feeling. It was cool.”

Kegans reciprocated the appreciation on Monday evening. After all, what’s a good coach without good players to serve as the fruits of their labor?

“That Guyer/OSU crew, they are my boys,” Kegans said via a text message.

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