Guyer-Highland Park Live Blog

FINAL: Guyer holds on for the 2-1 victory over Highland Park, giving the school its first state championship in a girls sport. Hannah Alspach was awarded the state tournament MVP award.

Two minutes left. HP fans getting very frustrated at the lack of calls against Guyer, and they have a good case.

Alspach’s free kick from 23 yards out sails wide of anybody. Guyer has to hold on for six minutes.

Kate Summers tries to curl in a free kick from 27 yards out but it curves away form the post. 2-1 Guyer, 72nd minute.

Guyer’s defense is scrambling right now. Lady Wildcats have been on their heels for much of the second half. 2-1 Guyer, 69th.

It’s Peyton Bucklew. She walks off the field only to come back on a few seconds later. 67th minute.

A Guyer player is down on the field on the edge of the 18-yard box. Trainers quickly run out to check on here. Can’t see the number right now.

Kate Summers just kept Highland Park in it. She clears a corner kick by Kaitlyn Caro off the goal line in the 64th.

Crabtree almost scored there again on a ball that got behind the Highland Park defense. She couldn’t get a good shot off and Guyer has a corner kick. 2-1, 64th.

After a stoppage in play, we’re back at it in the 62nd.

Sarah Summers is the one who’s down. She’s sitting up now as a cart is taken onto the field with HP head coach Stewart Brown standing over his injured player.

Crabtree gets away from a defender on the left side and fires a shot just over the crossbar from just inside the penalty box. 2-1 Guyer, 61st.

Martin knocks a shot wide of the left post and smacks her hands together in frustration. Some last-ditch defending by Guyer.

HP’s Hope Hyde blasts a shot over the crossbar in the 58th. Good scoring chance for HP.

Ref is definitely letting things go here. Martin just got shoved to the ground and there was no call there.

Still 2-1 Guyer in the 53rd minute.

Alspach almost connected with a Guyer attacker on a good through ball. Just got swept up there by HP goalie Sarah Howley.

Let’s see if Guyer drops players back and protects the lead or if it keeps pushing. HP scored its goal on the counter attack.

It looked like a harmless shot until it ended up in the back of the net. Guyer has a corner here. 2-1 Guyer, 45th.

Goal! HP’s Katie Martin lofts a shot into the right corner in the 44th, gives Lady Scots some life. Guyer leads 2-1.

Guyer is still pressing at the start of the second half. Looks like they’re still pushing for one more to seal it.

The second half is underway. Guyer is going with the wind in this half.

HP walks out of the locker room as their fans cheer them on from a few feet away. Guyer jogs back onto the field for the final 40 minutes.

Halftime. Guyer leads HP 2-0. Highland Park came into today’s game having only allowed two goals all postseason. HP’s 50-game win streak is on the line.

Crabtree’s speed is unreal. HP defender Gould kicks the ball out of bounds, stopping Crabtree’s impressive run down the field. 2-0, 40th.

Megan Stokes clears the ball off the line after Martin almost headed a goal into the net off a corner kick.

That goal was definitely against the run of play. Big goal by Alspach gives Guyer some cushion against the defending state champs.

Guyer’s Hannah Alspach puts the Lady Wildcats up 2-0 in the 33rd. She sprinted down the field and fired a strong shot from 25 yards out and into the right side of the net.

Alspach comes back into the contest at the 32nd minute. Guyer still leading 1-0.

It feels like HP is bound to tie this game up in a matter of time.

Renfroe punches it away and they clear it away. 1-0 Guyer, 30th.

HP with some sustained possession. They’ll have another free kick from 16 yards out. Martin to kick it.

Guyer doesn’t defend a corner kick well but it gets away with it. Martin hits a shot right of the goal. 1-0 Guyer, 28th.

Guyer’s doing a good job of maintaining possession here. Lady Wildcats also very aggressive here. They’ve picked up a good number of fouls early on.

Good save by Mikayla Renfroe off a free kick from 42 yards out by HP’s Kate Summers. Renfroe dived to her left and she punched it out of play.¬†1-0 Guyer, 20th.

Guyer defense clears the ball off the feet of Martin. Good defending there.

Goal! Brittany Crabtree puts Guyer ahead 1-0 in the 14th minute. ¬†Alspach lobbed a ball toward the HP defense, and Crabtree won the ball away from HP’s Caroline Gould and put it away. 1-0 Guyer, 14th.

Guyer’s Hannah Alspach hits a free kick over the cross bar from about 40 yards out. A little too ambitious there. 0-0, 14th.

Guyer defender Megan Stokes looks like she’s marking HP’s Katie Martin. That’ll be a tough matchup for Stokes. 0-0, 12th.

The pace of this game is far from lethargic. It’s a very free-flowing game so far, with both teams scrambling up and down the field.

HP forward Katie Martin with a beautiful back-heel pass to Hope Hyde, who fires a shot directly at Guyer goalie Mikayla Renfroe. Best chance of the game so far. 0-0, 7th.

Brittany Crabtree runs down the left wing and lofts a shot over the bar. Decent effort there. 0-0, 3rd minute.

Hey everybody. I’m in Georgetown for today’s 4A girls soccer state final between Guyer and Highland Park. HP is looking for back-to-back state titles and its 50th straight win. Guyer looking for first state title in its first state championship appearance. We’re about ready to kickoff here.

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