UIL closer to adding 6A, increasing playoff teams in 3A, 2A

Argyle head football coach Todd Rodgers (arms raised) could see his chances of making the playoffs go from great to a lock with a new UIL rule being discussed.

The University Interscholastic League policy sub-committee announced some ideas they passed on Tuesday, which could be put into action in October at the annual UIL Legislative Council if they are voted in.

First off, it seems like a forgone conclusion that the UIL will add a Class 6A to their ranks, but it’s not what you might think. There’s long been a thought that mega-schools such as the Allens, Planos and Plano Easts of the world would form a new classification of larger schools, but that would be a logistical nightmare when it comes to travel. What was proposed Tuesday by the sub-committee would just bump everyone up a class. For instance, the current schools in Class 5A would become Class 6A, Class 4A would become Class 5A, etc. Six-man would become Class 1A and there would be no more “six-man” classification, although Class 1A would still play six-man football. Whatever.

The big thing here is the fact that the sub-committee passed the proposal of Class 3A and Class 2A sports putting four teams into the playoffs from each district to match what is already the case in Class 4A and Class 5A. This would mean no more byes for district champions and it would also mean a watered down playoff pool. Currently, there are many five- and six-team districts in those lower classes, meaning only one or two teams would miss the playoffs. No thanks to that idea. We’ll find out for sure in October. It could work if they made districts an absolute minimum of six teams, and those only in special cases where travel is an issue.

For instance, Argyle and Sanger are now split up with the latest realignment, and both teams are in five-team districts. That would mean just one team would miss the playoffs. What’s the point of playing the regular season? Just sayin’.

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