Scotty Young is STAYING with Tech

Just got finished talking to Ryan quarterback Scotty Young via the wonders of Facebook chat, and the record-setting senior has decided to stick with his original oral commitment with Texas Tech after the well publicized firing of iconic head coach Mike Leach at the end of December.

The new hire, Tommy Tuberville, will be bringing with him a bit more balanced offense under OC Neal Brown than Leach’s “Air Raid” offense, but Young was sold after a visit from Tuberville, Brown and former Tech QB/graduate assistant Sonny Cumbie.

“Went great. Definitely Tech now,” were Young’s words about the visit.

He said he was looking forward to the renovations Brown would bring and was glad to have Cumbie retained from Leach’s staff.

You know that’s a relief for Scotty, who had his college plans instantly turned upside down when Tech fired Leach on Dec. 30. He had committed to Tech in March.

Look for more in Wednesday’s paper from our boy, Matt Muench.

7 thoughts on “Scotty Young is STAYING with Tech

  1. Yeah, so you can play so much behind a re-classified, medical-reshirted sophomore. Some guy named Robert Griffin.

    This is a smart choice by Scotty. The only viable alternative was if he wanted to explore OSU since Holgorsen might opt for a Leach-esqe offense and they recruited him a LITTLE before Leach was dismissed. Lubbock will welcome him with open arms and he’ll do really well there.

  2. BASEBALL?????
    What about Basketball?
    Adam, how about showing your reporter’s skill by finding out why ALL of the basketball talent @ Guyer is no longer on the team? or have transferred from Guyer? I see you at the games, you have to be wondering that as well!

  3. Nothing good to report on Guyer basketball. 2-4 in district. DHS and WFHS will beat them out of playoff spots. Rider will most likely beat them tonight.
    The next non-football post from Adam will be either for baseball or college signings.

  4. I witnessed the Denton/Denton Ryan Baseketball game tonight. Solid effort by Ryan. Observation: I was surprised at how calm the Denton coach was given 1). The number of times his team turned over the ball under little to no pressure from the defense and 2). The number of bad calls from the officials. This DID NOT impact the outcome of the game, but it was obvious.

    Both teams have good young talent. Good luck to both teams.

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