Scouting Longview

I’m going out to Guyer tomorrow to have some chit-chat with John Walsh and several players, but here’s what I know about Longview, the team that ended Guyer’s season last year in this very round with a 41-30 win.

The Lobos, much like Guyer, return all of their skill players from last year. And that’s a scary proposition. QB Aaron Johnson, who almost single-handily beat Guyer last year returns, as does RB Tyler McCray and WR Carey Fortson.

But some things have changed for the Lobos. Johnson is not the every-down quarterback. The Lobos like to split him out wide at times and get him in open space on little bubble screens where he can really do some damage.

And as great as Johnson was last year under center against Guyer, it was BY FAR his best game of his career, and still is. That had something to do with some coverage issues in the Guyer secondary and linebacker corps.

One thing I think we can all agree on is that Guyer’s secondary is head and shoulders above last year’s group, which featured many of the same faces.

The Lobos like to play smashmouth football. So does Guyer. Guyer’s offensive line has been on a roll lately, and that will have to continue on Saturday as they need to open up spacious holes for J.W. Walsh and Jaimaine Wilhite. On the defensive side, Guyer’s defense must continue to be opportunistic as it has been all season, no more than on Saturday against Ryan and Scotty Young. And they better be ready to see a heavy dose of the run for four quarters. Last year, the Wildcats held McCray in check until about the final eight minutes, when Longview pulled away on a couple of big McCray runs and a ginormous Johnson run on a key third-down conversion.

Longview has made a habit out of making things hairy early on in games this year, and pulling away late. That didn’t happen in wins against Waco Midway, which was won on a stopped two-point conversion, and Carrollton Newman Smith, which were both was last-minute a late victory by a field goal. But many other games have gotten out of hand in Longview’s favor in the fourth quarter.

If the Wildcats can force three turnovers and take care of the ball, I like their chances to win this game. More to come later this week…

24 thoughts on “Scouting Longview

  1. Adam, thanks for the comments. Not sure what you writing about both Longview wins over Midway & Carrollton being “last-minute victories by a field goal”. The Longview-Midway score was 14-13, no field goals. Midway went for two late (from the 1 & 1/2 yard line) were stoppped. Newman-Smith tried a field goal with about 3 minutes left from 47 yards, not even close. Regardless, I promise you that Longview respects Guyer. No pushovers left at this point in the season. Should be a good game, won in the second part of the fourth quarter. Turnover will decide the victor. Regardless…BEAT LAKE TRAVIS!….

  2. LHS83,
    You are correct in that there are no pushovers left! Pearland Dawson, Lake Travis, Longview and Guyer! It is anyone’s game. The team who make the least mistakes WINS!
    Let’s break it down.
    Pearland Dawson 12-2, 399(pf)-273(pa), lost to Angleton (playoff contender which lost in the 3rd round to Brenham, Div. 2) and Friendswood (playoff contender which Pearland beat last week).
    Lake Travis 14-0, 707-211 (last two years State Champs, ’07 Div. 2, ’08 Div. 1)
    Longview 13-1, 550-222 lost to Lufkin (playoff contender which in the 1st round lost to Klein).
    Guyer 13-1, 638-303 lost to Ryan (playoff contender which Guyer beat last week).
    Therefore you are correct, there are no pushover teams left!
    Wildcats, you have your work cut out for you, BUT all you have to do is, WIN THIS WEEK! GO WILDCATS!

  3. Although the only team Longview lost to, Lufkin, is 5-A. Longview beat two other 5-A teams, Allen and Tyler Lee. The team that beat Lufkin, is still playing in the 5-A playoffs….

  4. Guyer will show Longview what they’re all about Because this year’s Guyer team is not the same team that lost to Longview in the State Semifinals last year.




  6. “Guyer though will not be able to rely on their running game, it just won’t be possible to run for more than 150 yards against longview . However it will be possible for longview to run for over 300 yards and pass for over 150 against guyers defense.”

    “longview will find a way to shut guyer down”

    “If guyer has any chance at winning they will have to get into a shootout with longview and hope that their offense can keep up with longviews because guyers defense will not be able to shut the lobos down.”

    “I don’t believe that the guyer defense will be able to stop longview more than longview will be able to stop guyer.”

    “Last year was a close game but if you take a look at the team you have this year and the team you had last year you will realize that you defense is even slower this year than last”

    “Another thing you should realize is that Ryan had a terrific offense but not much of a defense so that is your answer as to why they couldn’t stop the run sat night”

    “With Guyers defense not being as good as it was last year do you believe that you offense can score every time longview does?”

  7. Mark, Guyer may not be the same team, but Longview largely is. That’s the problem for Guyer, did they suddenly grow some new players that can beat the same players that played for Longview last year? I promise you, Longview respects the hell out of Guyer. What I fear is that Longview is looking too forward to Lake Travis. We can almost taste that rematch…but Guyer will have a lot to say about that…

  8. These are just a few. They are worst then any of the ones that get going on here. If ya’ll read this you will notice that a Raider is on here (a longview blog) bashing us as well. Calls himself Dentonite. Anyone know him.


    guyer can’t throw the ball. longview has seen better offenses. whilhite should be the first option for guyer. he is a ladanian tomlinson type runner…i’d rather chase down walsh, however walsh is very good at the zone read. HOWEVER, Walsh DOES NOT cover the inside point of the ball. he fumbles. he “fumbled” 3 times against Ryan, but all three times he was ruled down…one time i was very very questionable.

    to guyer fans…longviews D is bigger and just as fast as denton ryans defense. the offense isn’t one demenional like ryan. the ryan coach wants young to get the single season TD record so bad that he had him throwing in the fourth quarter in a game that ryan won 60 something to 21. but back to guyer, they run the ball very well, but their line isn’t great. overall, longview should win this game by 17

    i watched the first Guyer/Ryan game and was impressed with Guyer…the one thing that I did notice is that they did not have as much speed as I remember on defense…if the Lobos will take away the run like they did against Wax, I like our chances…

    I LOVED coach King coming out and on the first play bombing it deep to Carey.

    We will be the fastest, most physical defense and team they have seen all year.

    Guyer is out for blood against us. The players and even fans should stick to this week only. lets Thrash the Wildcats!!!!!

    longviews defense is better than anything guyer has seen

    they did not lead for 3 quarters in that game last year. longview gave up lead in 3rd quarter. i hope longview pounds this team into the ground! i believe they will!


    Lobo Nation is behind this team, and we will be there Saturday night in OUR bleachers cheering these boys on for 4 quarters. I guarantee you there were ALOT of Denton fans in the crowd, and alot of Denton fans listening via radio/internet. The folks in the DFW area thought Waxahachie was unstoppable, and I’m sure they got the message loud and clear. BRING ON GUYER!!

    I’m from Denton but I’m sorry I cant talk smack to you. I’m a fan of the other Denton school plus I grew up in East texas so I’m pulling for Longview. I was at both games of Ryan and Guyer and I can tell you Longview wins this game easy if they do not turn the ball over. The 5 picks, 3 missed extra points and one missed field goal by Ryans did them in other wise it would have been another 3 touchdown win. Guyer is a three man team. Walsh and Wilhite on offense and Bible on defense. I’m sure someone has already looked at Walsh and Wilhites stats but they make up about 90% of Guyers offensive plays. If you shut down the running game then Guyer is a duck on the pond.

    Last I heard Longview was going to donkey stomp Denton Guyer this weekend in Dallas.

    Guyer rarely made a single mistakes when we played them last season, but it looks as if they’re bent on making mistakes now. 6 fumbles is absolutely ridiculous (though the more ridiculous part is that they didn’t lose a single one of them). But I don’t think they’re as good as last season’s team was, overall.

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