Mike Leach’s suspension and the recruiting effect: specifically Scotty Young

Mike Leach’s suspension today for mistreatment of an injured player brings up some interesting questions regarding his 2010 recruiting class if you’re a Tech fan. And if you’re a Dentonite, it may call into question the future college plans of one Mr. Scotty Young.

UPDATE: Redraidersports.com said they got a hold of Scotty and he’s still on board to play football at Tech. Let’s give the kid some time. If that’s his final decision, then great. If he chooses to change his mind somewhere down the road, I couldn’t blame the kid one bit.

Boedeker and I (purely speculative) believe that Leach’s offense is a fireable one. The AP is reporting now that it definitely was the son of Craig James, the college football analyst from that four-lettered sports station, who had the concussion in question and who was the player who was allegedly mistreated by Leach. Mark Mangino being forced out the door at Kansas set the precedent for getting rid of a coach under these types of circumstances, and the fact that the kid in question has a father who is a high-profile college football analyst does not bode well for the Pirate.

Does this open the door for Scotty to begin to look at places to play baseball instead of football? Will he look at football options beyond Texas Tech, which has the 24th-ranked 2010 recruiting class in the nation according to the Web site rivals.com? That’s what I want to know, and I don’t think anyone could blame a kid for changing an oral commit after something like this has happened, even if Leach ends up keeping his job. No one has gone and changed any commitments yet, though.

Boedeker also tells me in his infinite Texas Tech wisdom that if Leach is fired, an early candidate to replace him could be Baylor’s Art Briles (again, purely speculative). Briles’ offense calls for a more mobile quarterback than Young. So I’m not saying… I’m just saying.

What do you guys think? Please refrain from Leach-bashing, though. Boedeker and Muench (Tech-philes) are already distressed enough as it is. More on this to follow. Have a happy New Year.

7 thoughts on “Mike Leach’s suspension and the recruiting effect: specifically Scotty Young

  1. Scotty my friend, get on the horn and start looking some where else. This is not going to be a place you want to be. No one is going to hold it against you if you change schools.

  2. I’m not sure if Briles to Tech would change anything since I believe Baylor was one of the other offers Scotty received so it appears that Briles saw something he liked about Scotty’s game.

  3. Scotty, you dont choose a school because of a coach because they can come or go. If they win they move on, if the lose they move on. You choose a school where you feel comfortable, where you can get a great education. I made a mistake and choose OU because I wanted to play for Barry Switzer, well as luck would have it he was forced out due to the team running wild off the field my first year. I ended up transferring to Rice. I got a great education, I sat out a year and played. I tore ACL/MCL/PCL on the second play of season opener. Rice honored my scholarship. Get your education! Your best days may be behind you. Odds of NFL or MLBB are slim. I was allstate RB with 4551 yards in 3 years and 59 tds. Now CFO of major fortune 100 company.

  4. That is excellent advice from “Former Sooner” for any HS kid, athlete or not. If you are a player in college, you will be found by the NFL, NBA, or MLB no matter what school you attend.

    Always go for the best education.

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