LD’s Franklin can’t blame himself

According to a comment on a previous blog Lake Dallas quarterback James Franklin sent out and e-mail or Facebook post apologizing to his teammates.

I’m not sure if that is true, but after the game he looked me right in the eye and told me, “Sir, we lost the game because of me.”

Sorry James, you are wrong.

I asked him why he thought that?

He said: “My ankle got hurt last week and I didn’t toughen up enough tonight.”

Wrong again. The kid played his heart out.

He also said Lake Dallas’ last offensive play was his fault as he felt he should have led the wide receiver more.

Wrong again. Let’s face it. The ball was right in the receiver’s hands.

You have to respect Franklin though for saying this, though. That is what leaders do.

But Lake Dallas as a team has to be blamed for the loss. Like Michael Young told me after the game, Lake Dallas just didn’t execute. And I hate to throw an “if” into the mix, but the truth is, IF Tyler Waller (torn ACL) plays in that game, Lake Dallas wins.

The breaks just didn’t go Lake Dallas’ way. Don’t blame yourself Mr. Franklin.